My mama!

So... I didn't copy-and-paste a facebook status that declared my undying love for my mom. And even though it's Mother's Day... I didn't change my profile picture to a photo of her.  (Those freaked me out, by the way.  I hope everyone changes their pictures back tonight...)

But... I love my mama and I am super proud of her!

Since I love her and I'm proud of her and it's Mother's Day and she's probably the one paying you to read this blog and possibly paying you to be my friend, I'm going to brag on her for one moment.

Bear with me, please.

My rockin' mom was featured on an Australian blog this week!

Please click on the following link to read about my mom!  (Ok, and a little about me!  ;]):

Merry Ann's Interview

Way to go, Mom!

Head Count!

Happy (?) Mother's Day