Head Count!



Is this thing on?

Can everyone please line up in a straight line according to height?

We need a head count!

As you may remember, we have been working on a little knitting project in our neck of the woods.

Ok, "little" might not be accurate.

Currently we are trying to knit 150 dolls to take with us when we travel to Bulgaria.

I. think. we. might. be. close.

shhhh...  don't ruin it...


This is very exciting.

But, we need to get a head count.

So, again...



Check one, two.

Can you let me know if you have any dolls hiding in your home?


Here is a picture of when my mom and I counted 60-some dolls:

Here are a few of the individual dolls:

And, last but not least, here is a doll that my five-year-old friend, Kylee, found at a yard sale.

She recognized that it was knit and knew that's the type of dolls we were making.  She convinced her parents to buy it and then she brought it to my house and put it into the suitcase with the other dolls.  She knows that these dolls are going to be given to boys and girls who don't have moms and dads.

I cannot wait to get a picture of a sweet little Bulgarian child holding this specific doll!

Thanks Kylee!

So, we're hoping to get a handle on the number of dolls we have completed by the end of this week.

We're also hoping that the final document of paperwork that is necessary for traveling will come in by the end of this week!  (If only we could knit that into existence...)

Happy National Paperwork Day!

Happy National Paperwork Day!

My mama!