We've got to fast - fast!

Fasting is mentioned multiple times in scripture, and thankfully for me, it has nothing to do with your rate of speed while running. Fasting is a concrete way of no longer asserting our own will, but opening ourselves to the work of God.  By missing meals or giving up a needed daily element, we proclaim our humanity or our dependance on God.  [based on the definition found in the Dictionary of Biblical Imagery]


Did that sound like something my husband, the Reverend, would say?!

Sorry 'bout that.  I don't know what overcame me.

I promise, it won't happen again!

So, let's try that again.

Fasting, is typically giving up food (which I love and need) in order to demonstrate that God is really ALL we should want or need.  It's also a way of pushing aside our  weak, earthly desires in order to seek God's perfect will.

Ok.  So?

So... Chance and I are attempting to seek God's will.  And we need some help!  :-)

We are asking our friends and family to join us in fasting...  tomorrow...  for lunch... (hence the blog post's title of fasting - fast!)


Becoming friends with us should come with a disclaimer:

*Warning: A friendship with the Newinghams will require much more work, dedication, forgiveness, and support than most other relationships.  It will also require the purchasing of multiple Apple® products.  Proceed with caution.* 

So, if you and your family are willing to sign on the dotted line and remain our friends, would you consider joining us in a fast tomorrow?

Following breakfast, we plan to not consume more than water until it is time for dinner.  Every time we think of food or feel a hunger-pain, we will turn our thoughts towards prayer.  We will pray for God's perfect will to come about after our birthmother's C-section on Tuesday.  Instead of eating, we will spend our lunch hours asking for God to bless us with this child - but only if it is within His perfect plan.  Chance and I desperately want to adopt this child, but we want to follow Christ even more.  We are opening ourselves to the work of God.

We are also fasting on behalf of the birthmother.  She does not have a personal relationship with Christ, and we (of course) desire that for her.  We also know that she will make the decision of whether or not this child will become ours.  We are pleading for God to work in her life and direct her path.

Tomorrow, we plan to spend much time in prayer.  We plan to "weaken our flesh in order to strengthen our spirits" [Nelson's New Christian Dictionary].  We're seeking God's will for our lives, the birthmother's life, and the life of this unborn child.

We would love to have an uprising of believers who will fast with us as well.

One more thing...

We are not so naive as to believe that we are the only ones requiring prayer.  If you are joining this fast, we'd love to receive your prayer requests also.  We'd love to pray for anything that is currently heavy on your heart.  Please leave a response here on our blog, or in the "comments" section of our facebook pages.

Thanks for being our friends, but most of all, thanks for being faithful to God's calling!

(For your info, Here are some New Testament scriptures on fasting - Matthew 6:16-18, Mark 2:20, Luke 4:2, Acts 13:2, Acts 14:23, 2 Corinthains 11:27)

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