To-Do (Or Not To-Do) List

Today, of all the days of my life, you'd think I'd be frantically trying to accomplish my to-do list.  After all, we might be bringing home a baby in a day or two.  Our house needs to be ready and our lives need to be squared away. You'd think...

Today, my list started out as the following:

1. Take Allen to the vet

2. Sweep and mop floors

3. Write a report for work

4. Do billing for work

5. Clean bathrooms

6. Dust bedrooms

7. Pray and fast

8. Solve world hunger

With the exception of the last one, most of those seemed like they could feasibly be completed before the day was over.  Honestly, most of them could be completed before lunchtime.

Unfortunately, the difference between can be done and did get done was a huge thing today...

Before 3:00, I had actually accomplished the following:

1. Take Allen to the vet

2. Allow the vet to give Allen a medication with the side-effect of vomiting

3. Clean up dog vomit

4. Clean up dog vomit

5. Clean up dog vomit

6. Pray and fast

7. Read other people's adoption blogs for two hours

8. Watch "Real Housewives of Orange County" (This mild obsession of mine deserves its own post and its own confession time.  Another day.  But seriously, I had to watch.  Slade showed up at a party with another girl, even though he had JUST broken up with Jo.  Important, see?)

9. Text with our birthmother for over an hour

By the time "Real Housewives" was over, I realized I needed to get my rear into gear.  Especially if I planned to even make a dent in world hunger...

Thankfully, I did get moving!  With the exception of some last-minute work stuff, we are ready for this baby to be born!  The world hunger problem won't quite be finished, but Chance and I broke our fast by eating at TGIFridays (it's our birthmother's favorite restaurant.  It will give us a topic of conversation tomorrow before the C-section).  So, there's at least two people who didn't go hungry tonight!


We've got to fast - fast!