Last Friday night, Chance and I had plans to eat dinner with our friends Mike and Lorrie Sleight.  We spent most of Friday traveling to and from St. Louis, getting things done around the house, and going for a run.  By the time our dinner date rolled around (7:00), I was ready for some relaxation.

As we arrived at the Sleight's home, we rang the doorbell and then opened the door to see Lorrie standing in the front entryway.

Everything seemed normal enough.


Hiding behind the walls of the hallway was our entire homegroup Bible study!

"So, I guess we're not just having dinner?"


Our homegroup threw us a surprise baby shower!

The shower was so much fun.

We played all kinds of shower games.

We ate dinner (and cake!).

We opened gifts.

We raced to diaper baby dolls.

And in general, we just had a really great time!

Thanks so much to our homegroup for this unexpected blessing!


My best friend...

Chance's Heart