Royal Wedding Guest

In honor of the royal wedding, I'd like to help all of you figure out your "royal wedding guest name." In all reality, I should have posted this weeks ago. If you had received a fancy wedding invite with your royal wedding guest name on it, you probably discarded it not realizing what you had done.


You could have been in London watching all the action unfold and because of me, you threw away your wedding invite.

Again, sorry.

But just for fun, here's the formula to figure out who your invitation was addressed to.

You know, the one you dropped in the recycling bin cuz you didn't know who it belonged to....

Again, sorry.

Here's the formula:

Title: Lord or Lady (pretty self-explanatory, I think!)

First name: The name of one of your grandparents.

Last name: (Part One) One of your previous pets' names. (Part Two) The street you grew up on.

For example, (drum roll please) My "royal wedding guest name" is: Lady Margaret Howard-Highway


Mine turned out well. Sounds prestigious. I can visualize it written in gold script on the wedding invite.

Hmmm... Since I don't remember getting any mail addressed to Lady Margaret, I'm guessing mine was just lost in the mail.

That's alright, I'm not sure Lord Ned Smokey-State would have behaved himself anyway...

I can't take him anywhere...

I'd love for you to share your royal names! I'll warn you, some aren't so prestigious - my grandma's contains the name "Wiggles"! ;-)

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