In case you don't have spacebook... :)

Facebook, Twitface, MyFace, Spacebook, no matter what they're calling it at this week's seniors luncheon...  :)   I know some of you don't have Facebook or Twitter (even some of you who aren't yet invited to those coveted senior luncheons.)  Because of this fact, I thought I'd post my status updates from the last twenty-four hours.  


Today is, like, kinda a big day...


Yesterday at 6:49am


We're at the hospital. Love free wifi! Birthmom is getting prepped for surgery. We're in the waiting room. For now, her mom and sister are with her. I think only her sister will go back for the surgery. She looked gorgeous today. She'd had her hair done for the occasion! :) Keep praying.

22 hours ago


Just had positive convo with birthgrandmother. Doctors are very concerned about birthmother's health (anemia). Pray that surgery goes well.

We were even able to pray with birthgrandma. She gave us hugs after we expressed that we are concerned about her daughter - not just the baby. Spreading the love of Christ throughout this family....

21 hours ago


Birthmom's surgery started just a bit ago. We've gotten to spend some time with Birthgrandma. We're praying everything continues to go smoothly. The hospital staff has been very nice as well!!!

19 hours ago


Got to hold the baby for a moment! He's beautiful. We're being sent home to allow birthmom to rest. We're to call her tomorrow. PRAY!

We're not sure what this means in regards to the adoption. We're very nervous. 

It is promising that the birth mom was the one who specifically requested that we come see the baby... Idk. Just praying...

Birthmom has been texting us since we left. She's resting now, but I think the fact that she is reaching out to us is a positive thing!

17 hours ago


Yes, I'm awake at 1:26 am. C and I stayed up late watching TV! If we do get this baby, I'm going to regret every moment of it! ;)

7 hours ago


Birthmom asked us to return at 10:00 am. Prayer warriors, the Creator of the universe is listening to our cries. Keep praying!!

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and felt like there was a tug of war going on for this baby. (Lack of sleep or nudging from God?)

Last night I read the story of Hannah praying for a son. Today, I felt led to pray that prayer. You can look it up, but here are the highlights I've been praying:

"Oh God, Lord of Heaven's Armies, 

Grant me a son. 

I will dedicate him to You forever."

She messaged me at 6:50.

about an hour ago


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