10 Surprising Reasons

So, my friend Sarah was talking to me earlier, and she mentioned that she had made a list for me to read. She made a Top Ten List as to why it is surprising that we are actually friends. She's so sweet.

Isn't she?

Actually, she was talking to her husband about the fact that we are a very odd "couple". These are the top ten reasons why:

Why it is Surprising that We are Actually Friends

[according to Sarah Miller]

1. Ginger has never seen any good movies. Not even the Goonies. And most TV show references she misses entirely.

2. She has a pair of go-go-like boots and when she wears them to church (of all places) I feel like she looks down on me. [Sarah is a mite bit short... and these boots have heels...]

3. She doesn't wear color. Just earth tones. So I sometimes buy her pink stuff just so she'll have to.

4. She thinks I don't know she dislikes wearing said pink stuff. But I totally know...

5. Pizza isn't even a top-10 food. Nevermind favorite. [Sarah probably ate pizza three times a week during her last pregnancy! The people at Pizza Hut knew her by name!]

6. If she does drink soda, it's Sprite. The clear one. That tastes like fruit.

7. Ice cream hates her. And ice cream is one of my best friends.

8. Her house is always clean and organized. And alphabetized. It's disheartening. [Ok, this one is true...]

9. She thinks that if she glues a button on a string, it's jewelry.

10. She runs. For fun. Not because the cops are chasing her or because she's catching a bus. For fun.

There you have it.

Oh, and Sarah also mentioned that these are the reasons we never run out of things to talk about! :-)

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