Videos of Nasko

Today, we received an email from our Bulgarian to U.S. liaison.  The email contained two videos of little Nasko! He looks great!

So cute.  So sweet.  So ornery.

These videos have calmed my nerves about Nasko's social-emotional delays and his speech delays.

This first video is short, but it does show the condition of the orphanage.  This video appears to have been taken in a courtyard area.  It seems clean, tidy, and well-lit.  I was also impressed that the orphanage owned an electronic child's car.  I didn't even have one of those as a child!!

The video also shows that Nasko is a problem-solver.  He is working hard to try and get that car "unstuck."


This second video is longer and demonstrates more of Nasko's ability to communicate.  At one point, the orphanage worker asks him to repeat the Bulgarian word for "car."  Nasko attempts to repeat the word, but is only able to make the initial consonant sound.  Also, the worker asks him to wave and blow kisses.  He makes attempts at these actions as well.


I hope you stayed tuned in until the end - the stinker smacks the camera.  Upon seeing that, did you think to yourself, "THAT is Chance's son!"  'Cuz that's what I thought!!

(Pardon me while I get into a bit of child development.)  In both videos, he makes vocalizations, which indicate that he does have a functioning voice.  He interacts with the person recording, so he does appear to desire socialization.  He is eager to explore and interested in new things.

Thank you, Lord for setting my mind at ease.

I had become concerned that we would travel all the way to Bulgaria to find a pathetic little boy rocking himself in craziness while hunched down in a corner.

I think the opposite is going to be true.  That boy appears to move at a very rapid speed.  I'd better get to bed and start getting extra sleep now!  ;)

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