Language Barrier

Last night, Chance and I had the privilege to prepare and serve dinner for the members of the Soul'd Out Quartet.

All six of them.

Yes, I know.

The title "quartet" is misleading.  The group also includes a piano player and a driver/mechanic.

These guys are currently in the metropolis of Athens, Il for our church's spring revival.  Every night, Sunday through Wednesday, Soul'd Out will be singing a concert and L.C. Sutton (from LCU) will be bringing God's Word.  It should be a great time for our church.

Last night was the first time I got to hear the guys from SOQT perform.  They are very talented and they demonstrated a wide range of vocal/musical abilities.



I'm still not "soul'd out" to southern gospel music.

Sorry, Jesus.

Please forgive me.

I'm excited to continue watching the nightly performances, but I'm not planning to change the "favorite music" section of my facebook page.  My friends Dave, Matt, and Andrew, have their spots securely locked in that position.  They are also roommates with Jonny and Jeff.

Yesterday, the SOQT guys kept referencing their favorite musicians.  People like David Johnson, Danny Crawford, Mike Hopper, and Matthew Holt.


I kept reminding them that we were "speaking different languages."

There was a definite language barrier!  We had to find common ground somewhere other than in music.

Fortunately there's always food and the internet.  We enjoyed a good meal and watched quite a few YouTube clips.

The guys introduced Chance and me to an amazing video clip.  I've already watched it a dozen times.  I must admit, the person in the video is "singing" gospel music.  Despite my lack of love for this genre, the video is SO great.


Video Observations:

1. Is that a Big Mouth Billy Bass in the background?

2. At first you might think that Valerie has a weird twitch, but no, she's acting out the song.

3. This beaut is an original piece.  Hard to believe, I know.

4. Sponge paint and paneling?  Score.

5. This video is unedited.  Raw.  And includes Shane turning off the camera...

Ok, Soul'd Out.  You're bridging the language barrier.  Good work.

We're praying for your performance tonight!


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