Many of my blog posts stemmed from letters that I wrote to a close family member who was voluntarily in a rehabilitation center.  This is one of those letters: So, I’ve started knitting.

I know many people who go to rehab learn to knit, and I assume you’re not interested in that hobby, so I’ve taken it up for you!  :)  Grandma had started to teach me to knit last year when I visited her in Florida, but I hadn’t continued to practice.

What caused me to want to learn to knit?  I’m so glad you asked.  It’s because I have tons of free time and I’m never busy, you know?

Ok, maybe not.

Well, I got thinking about the fact that we are going to visit N., bring him a bunch of toys, and then leave him at the orphanage.  But what about the other boys and girls?  Will they continue to live without new toys just because they haven’t been matched with parents?  Sad.

So, I’m making knit dolls.  For orphans.  They’re super cute.  I asked a woman from my church to help me re-learn to knit.  On Friday, she sat down with me for about two hours until I had some of the basics down!  She claims I’m a very fast learner.   Go me!

So then, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday have been filled with practicing my new hobby.  You know, cuz I had nothing better to do!!!

I still need to e-mail my Bulgarian contact to get an approximate number of children who are living in the orphanage.  I’m just hoping it is not 1,000....


That’s a lot of dolls.  I’m sure my fingers would start to bleed if I made that many.  I’m hoping to recruit some knitting groups and other people to help with making these as well.  Chance and I plan to buy a suitcase at a thrift store and pack it full of these dolls to leave in Bulgaria.  How awesome will that be?  The dolls are soft and snuggly.

These children can hug these dolls and love on them.  The whole idea just makes me happy.

Wanna see my progression of knitting from this weekend?

This was what I made after I came home from Peggy’s house.  She had taught me how to knit, but I knew I needed to start over and keep practicing!  My friend, Sarah, claims that I am really good at making scarves for snakes.

This is what I made on Saturday morning.  And no, I don’t know what it is.  :)

See the fancy detailing with those two lines?  Yeah, the first one was a mistake.  So, I added the second one to make it symmetrical.  When life gives you lemons...

Saturday night, Chance was very interested in watching multiple episodes of Twenty-Four, so I used the opportunity to start knitting my first doll.

That was how far I got in one evening!

Today was Sunday, and Peggy had told me to bring my progress to show her.  She wanted to “grade” me on it!  I showed her all I had done, and then she showed me up!  She had made two dolls over the weekend.  Here they are:

How cute are those?!  They’re snuggly.  Maybe after I make 1,000 for children in Bulgaria, I’ll make you one!


By then, my fingers probably will have fallen off...

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