Joel's here!

Joel's mother was injured at work yesterday and she texted me to see if I would be able to come pick him up and keep him at least for this weekend, and maybe through next weekend (when we were already planning to have him.)

Amariah had still been having issues with her nerves because of the accident she was in.  She'd seen a doctor a few times because of it.  He said she has some pretty severe nerve damage.

Yesterday, she was at work and one of her female patients (she works with troubled teenagers) had decided she wasn't interested in getting out of bed.  Amariah ripped the sheets off the girl and then turned around.  At that point, the girl leapt out of bed and punched Amariah in the neck and back.  Of course, that sent Am's back into spasms.

She saw a doctor and they told her she wasn't allowed to drive (because she cannot turn to the right) or lift anything over ten pounds.  At that point she texted me in a panic!  I drove to Champaign by 3:30 to get Joel from his sitter's and helped load his stuff in the vehicle.

Now we've come back here until further notice.  Amariah goes back to the doctor on Monday to see what they say about her restrictions.

So, I stayed home from the adoption conference that I was supposed to attend in Bloomington today, but that's ok.  Other than finding a babysitter while I work this week, I think we're set - no matter when he goes home.


Ok, off to play with Joel.  He's mastered saying "Chunce" for Uncle Chance, but still nothing too consistent for Aunt Ginger.  Since "Chunce" is gone all day at a conference, that's what Aunt Ginger will be working on!  :)


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