Fun with Joel

We’ve been busy doing some super exciting things this week!

We’ve been going for rides on ‘Mator.  ‘Mator is one of Joel’s favorite toys.  He climbs on and off of it a million times every day.

We also spent some time at the vet’s office.  It was time for Allen’s check up.  Allen helped Joel color in the coloring book.

Also, Joel watched my bread machine work on Monday night.  I was making white bread to go with our lasagna for Tuesday’s dinner.  He loved peering through the window to watch it work.  So cute!

The next day, I was making cinnamon chip bread for Sarah and her family, and Joel heard the bread machine again.  He came running (toddling) over to see what all the commotion was about.  We spent the next five minutes watching the bread machine again!

Joel LOVES to look through our lifebook.  We look through all the pictures about 30 times each day.  He brings it to us, sits on our laps, and looks through every page and picture.  He looks at my picture and says “Inger,” but when we wants my attention, he still says “Mom.”

We’ve even done some construction.  Ok, maybe not.  We probably will need to do construction after this week.  My house is a disaster zone!

The moral of the story?

Joel's here!