Everything Takes Six Weeks

The following was an email sent to close family and friends on February 9, 2011:

Just wanted to pass along the exciting news that a meeting was held last Friday in Bulgaria, and the Minister of Justice approved Chance and me to place a hold on N.  This means that no other families may pursue his adoption at this time.

Our homestudy should be approved by DCFS by this Friday.  Follow its approval, we will apply to be fingerprinted for visas.  That approval can take around six weeks.  We will travel to St. Louis to have the actual fingerprinting done.

While we are waiting for those six weeks to pass, we will collect the documents needed for our dossier.  The Bulgarian dossier requires nine specific documents.  These documents include things such as our homestudy, a signed contract, our marriage license, a doctor's note, and FBI record check.  We actually started filling out the forms for the FBI record check today, since that clearance can also take six weeks.  (Anyone seeing a theme with our government's time frames?!)

Once our dossier is compiled and our visa fingerprints are approved, we will send everything to Bulgaria.  We've been told that it only takes them one week to approve the documentation (take a hint, USA...).  Following their approval, we will be required to travel to visit N. within the next two months (as if we won't be hopping on the next flight outta here!!).

Please continue praying for us through this process:

Pray that the proper officials would be assigned to our paperwork, so that there are no hang-ups.

Pray that the process would move quickly and smoothly so that we can travel as soon as possible to meet N., and to let him know that he is loved.

Pray that God is preparing N. for a possible transition.

Love you all!  Thanks for taking this crazy ride with us!  :)


Break my heart...