The child I have chosen for you...

Whoa.  Today has still been very emotional.  I can’t remember how many things made me tear up or cry.  It seemed like every song on the radio was directed towards us.  Every scripture we read made us think about the decision at hand.  It’s nuts. Until today, we had only told my parents about this.  We decided to tell Chance’s mom, my brother and sister-in-law, and my aunt.

My brother, Brian, and and his wife, Heidi, are so excited.  Like, SO excited.  Heidi says that if we don’t adopt him, they will.  ;)  I guess that Heidi spent three summers working for a church camp raising money for missionaries who work with the Roma people.  You see, N. is from Bulgaria, but he is part of the Roma people group.  Heidi told me what that means tonight.  Roma essentially means Gypsy.  These people are absolutely hated.  They are considered to be scum of the earth.  Heidi said she knew of an instance when two Roma girls were swimming at a French beach and one of them began to drown.  No one on the beach would help save her.  The other Roma woman tried to save her, but she wasn’t strong enough.  The woman died on a busy beach because her people group was so hated.  This makes me so sad.  Heidi said that this little boy has practically no hope.  He would not be adopted in their country.  The people are so prejudiced.

Also, there was a crazy story of a woman that spoke to Chance today.  She goes to our church and her daughter just had a baby on Monday.  Chance briefly visited the family in the hospital.  Tonight at church, she stopped to speak with Chance.  She said that she wasn’t sure if Chance realized the great amount of joy that was present in the hospital room that he visited.  She also said that she had the feeling that God was telling her that Chance and I would experience the same amount of joy soon, as God was going to add to our family.

I’m not superstitious, but I am starting to wonder if God is trying to get ahold of us.  Almost like He’s been dialing our number, but no one’s home.

So, Chance called this lady again after church.  He filled her in on this week’s situation with N.  After speaking with her again, he felt like God was telling him the following statement:

Maybe this is not the exact child that you would have chosen, but maybe it is the exact child that I have chosen for you.

So, I think we’re going to do this.  I think we’re going to be N.’s parents.  The only reason I hesitate is because we’re wanting to call the man who works for Madison Adoption Associates who speaks Bulgarian.  We’d like a little more information about the orphanage where N. is.  After we speak with this man, Martin, I believe we’ve come to the realization that God wants us to adopt N.  Just as Chance said tonight, “Who are we to argue with God?”

So, hopefully tomorrow I can write you a nice little post and tell you about our son.


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