The Table Is A Place Of Hospitality - Farmhouse Dining Room Tour

We’ve invited family, financial ministry supporters, the man who does our plaster repair, our fence repairman, and random families from our community to join us for Korean beef, pork chops, wood-fired pizzas, and PF Chang lettuce wraps.

Considering our food allergies here, breaking bread isn’t done in the traditional way, but church takes place around our table. 

Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a random Tuesday, Our table is a place of hospitality. 

Sincerely, Overwhelmed by Paperwork

I am a fully functioning adult. 

I graduated top of my high school class. 

I have a bachelor’s degree. 

I have successfully completed the files and document necessary for two international adoptions.

But oh. my. gosh. This might do me in. This might actually finish me: 

Paper communication from my children’s school. 

When Words and Pictures were Enough to Save a Life

Sometimes I wrestle with how public I have made our family. I worry about sharing our stories and living out in front. I question if it is necessary or even healthy. 

And then I am unexpectedly handed an opportunity to share our story and to make an impact. 

This is why I share our story online. 

I Thought I Had Lost It All

In July, as I transferred my site from one place to another (all behind the scenes – you weren’t even supposed to notice a thing), my photos and old posts from the past seven years disappeared. 

I thought I had lost it all. 

My posts have been recovered, but my heart remains changed.

Chance's Trip to Sierra Leone, Africa

In March, my husband, Chance led a missions team of four to Sierra Leone to serve. You may remember that Chance and I work full time as representatives of Lifegate in Africa.

After teaching my man how to use his iPhone camera (hello, focus?!), the team was off! Once they returned, Chance had taken hundreds of pictures, and some of them were actually pretty good!