Chance and I are so intentional about how we teach God’s Word to our sons. Reading our children’s bible is a regular part of our day. We attempt to maintain context as we quote scripture to aid in disciplining our boys. (Our current favorite verse is Proverbs 18:21 – “Death and life are in the power of your tongue. Speak life.”) Our boys know the stories in the bible are true. They observe Chance and I reading scripture regularly.

As Christian parents, we desire for our children to learn and quote scripture. Hearing one of my kids quote Psalm 23 would about do me in, as I could not handle the precious sweetness.

But, as many of you know, Louis isn’t that typical kid. (You might remember his first internet shopping spree…) Of course, Louis’ first quotation of God’s Holy Word had nothing to do with the heavenly shepherd and EVERYTHING to do with his own agenda:

Backstory – Louis eats almost zero fruits and vegetables. I’ve given up stressing about this, and I plan to use my gift of patience to wait. him. out.

At every meal, I offer my three year old a specific fruit or veggie only to be turned down – except one time he ate two whole bananas “like a monkey.” And this is why I continue to offer… Patience…

The other night, I offered Louis some fruit. I explained we had apples, bananas, grapes, and oranges; he could have his pick.

Louis apparently decided it was time to bring scripture into this daily nagging conversation. I’m sure he believed it would end the conversation once and for all.

And so he proclaimed with the conviction of a preacher, “No, thank you. Mama, God says, ‘Don’t eat the fruit.’”

Well, God DID say that, I guess. To Adam and Eve…

While stifling a smile, I attempted to explain the apples and oranges in our fruit drawer were most certainly not from the same tree God was referencing.

Please add my child to your prayer list… He (and his parents) are going to need all the prayers he can get.

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