Much of my daily adult interaction takes place online. With three busy kids—two of whom are really young and two of whom have special needs—it’s often easiest to connect with others by writing a quick text or Facebook message. I frequently use my blog and Facebook groups to “meet” people and forge relationships.

Recently I’ve been in a few situations that require me to introduce myself online. I typically share a picture of my family and then write a quick bio. I always include a little bit about our adoptions and what my husband does for a living. Many times, I also include the town or area where we live.

I’ve noticed lately that when I try to type “we live in Illinois,” or “we live just north of Springfield,” the auto-correct feature jumps in to help. More often than not, when I re-read my bio, I notice that the word “live” is auto-corrected to the word “love.”

Typos frustrate me, so at first, I hurriedly fixed the mistake and moved on. One day though, as I re-read my post, I realized the potential truth behind this correction…

My writing is being featured on The Glorious Table today. Click here to finish reading the post, then pass it along to someone who needs to read it today.

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