1. I hardly want to say this out loud, but Edward is finally showing some signs that he might eventually maybe sort of be able to stop wearing diapers sometime in the future someday. He’s not very willing or actually interested in potty training, but with a little pushing, we’re successful about 75% of the time. Downside: his diapers must have been what was holding his 2T pants up. You could see where that would be a problem now that he’s donning underwear.
  2. Louis is about 15% successful in pottying on the bathroom floor. He seriously goes in there, removes his diaper, sits on the potty, decides he’s over it, and goes on the floor. It’s delightful.
  3. Nasko had a slightly better week this past week. (Not related to pottying. Adopt already potty-trained children. My advice.) We went on Friday to visit some good friends near Arthur, IL. He was well-regulated much of the day, and enjoyed playing outside in their very big back yard. They had a toy lawn mower, and if only it had a real blade, I’m pretty sure Nasko and Edward could have mowed the whole lot.
    special needs adoption
  4. While I’ve had a mental countdown for Nasko going back to school on the 19th, I’m just now realizing that he’s going back to school on the 19th. I need to take him for his physical and help him get a few school supplies. I feel like I had no idea this was coming. Moments like these make me thankful I no longer homeschool. Organization and time management aren’t my strong suits (apparently).
  5. I’ve been reading a book about how to grow your blog to make money. I’m not actually too interested in making money on the blog itself (I’m conflicted about selling ad space for things I don’t actually care about), but I’m interested in possibly doing some speaking engagements (tell your friends) and eventually writing a book (tell your other friends). In order to do these things, I should probably work on expanding my reader base beyond my mother and all of her bible study pals (although I do love all of them very much!).
  6. One thing I learned from the book, is that as a writer you have to be willing to promote yourself. No one else is going to, so you have to be responsible for getting your own name out there. This is not actually something I love doing. So, if I ever write a post you like, would you mind sharing it? Thanks, dears. Maybe not this one, as it mostly has to do with pottying… and that’s weird.
  7. We attended a family reunion for my dad and his brothers (and all our families) yesterday. It was so great to see all my cousins and to stop so we could buy Sterzing’s potato chips on the way home.
    IMG_0755 (1)
    And eat them.
    IMG_0757 2
    And see family. Obviously.
    These chips are only available in western IL and IA. They are the bomb-diggity. Sorry you can’t have any. We’ve already eaten the whole “economy pak” bag.
  8. I loved being able to guest blog for my pal, Courtney, last week. If you are a new reader here because of that post, well, howdy. And sorry I talked a lot about pottying. But thanks for coming. Hi.
  9. Last week, my baby, Louis, asked me to draw Thomas the Train with sidewalk chalk on our driveway. I summoned my inner high school art class (chalk and charcoal were my mediums of choice) and I thought I drew a pretty great version of the ol’ Thomas.
    FullSizeRender 11
    The next day, he requested that I draw Gordon, because I’ve now created a monster. Yeah.
    You know the worst part about chalk art in your driveway? It rains and washes the whole thing away. Hmph.
  10. On Friday afternoon, Louis grabbed a handful of gluten-free flour (that I happened to have in an open bucket at his level. When will I learn?) and put it onto his train track, exclaiming, “SNOW!”
    I freaked out for a few minutes after its discovery, but then I remembered that I was a preschool teacher at one time, and I can handle contained messes. So, he and Edward spent this morning on our deck driving their trains through the snow.
    IMG_0761 2 IMG_0762 2
    Actually, Louis drove his trains. Edward used the flour as body paint.
    IMG_0763 2 (1)
    But, at least he’s wearing Thomas underwear, right?

    Here’s hoping for a great last week of summer break this week!

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