This post is going to be mostly pictures – many unrelated.  I’ll probably do this from time-to-time.  It’s mostly for the benefit of grandparents, etc., but I know everyone will enjoy seeing my cute boy!

Photo Dump

Because apparently those scrapbooks aren’t going to scrap themselves…

This was one day after naptime. Nasko wanted me to put him up on the counter while I was working in the kitchen.

Who knows where his sock went... It was probably lost in the battle that is naptime.

I just loved the innocence of these pictures.


Going for a walk with Mama.


Helping Taty cook on the grill. In March. It's hard work!


These next pictures are from Diado Don [Chance’s dad]’s surprise 50th birthday party:

It may have been Don's birthday, but Nasko also received gifts! Check out the shoes he got that match cousin Andy's shoes. Andy says that these shoes give Nasko "swag." I'm too old to even know what that means...

Playing with Great-Aunt Dyanna.

Chance; his dad, Don; and his sister, Cherish

Nasko with his Leylah Cherish


After the party, we went to Don’s house in the country and spent some time outside!

Playing in the water in his nice shoes and dress shirt. I didn't quite have my head on straight that day...

Attempting to reel in a fishie!

Nasko wanted to pet EVERY fish that was caught. He may or may not have licked a few as well...

After fishing, Nasko decided to take the tractor out for a spin...


On this past Saturday, we went to Gillespie to visit with Chance’s mom and other family in that area.  Who knew you could cover half the state of IL in two days…

Nasko with his grandma.

Playing with Chance's other sister, Leylah Libby, in her bedroom.

Nasko was VERY interested in Nana Teresa's oxygen. He asked to try it on.

On the ride home that night, Nasko recreated the "wearing of the oxygen" using his glow stick. :–)

Climbing the tree in Grandma's yard.


Nasko's great-grandparents, Ma and Pa, have cows, chickens, a horse, cats, and dogs. Nasko loved playing at their house!

Nasko kicked this rooster.
The rooster attacked Nasko.
Mama and Taty said, "You got what you deserved."
Nasko pouted.

Being tickled by Ma.

Pa was recovering from foot surgery, and he had the COOLEST toy - a motorized wheelchair.


This may sound crazy, but it has been warm enough to pull out the swimming pool the last couple of days.  Nasko wasn’t sure what to think of it at first. He actually tried to take his swimming suit off a few times because he thought he was just taking a bath outside!  Fortunately, we have very forgiving neighbors!

He was a little apprehensive about the pool at first...

Nasko's size four swimming trunks are still too big for his skinny waist. We made it work by rolling the waistband. I'm in trouble once Nasko can communicate what IS cool and what ISN'T cool... This picture probably negates any "swag" that he once had because of his Reebok shoes.

Nasko liked the squirt guns, but thought they were sort of slow-moving... He really got into scooping, dumping and pouring.

Nasko eventually became very relaxed and made Mama get into the pool with him. If Mama's getting wet, the camera is going inside! That's the end of the photos from swimming!


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