Wearing his Taty’s shoes

Nasko wants to be just like his Taty.

Putting on roller skates (and yes, those purple girls’ shoes are Nasko’s…)

Skating with Taty

Potentially going somewhere he shouldn’t!

In this video you can hear Nasko attempt to say “please” verbally.  He is still leaving off the final consonant sound – not bad though, not bad!

Watch Nasko’s right hand as he rides on the sled.  He signs “go”.

Doing the puzzle while wearing the slippers we bought him.  We obviously changed his shoes A LOT today…

Here’s the video of Nasko putting the puzzle together.  Watch his face after he finishes it.  He receives praise and absolutely shines in those moments.  That is the reason we are doing what we do…  That smile, specifically!

Turning the lights on and off.  He preferred for them to be off, actually.

Roller skating again.

When we went into the room where the other children were playing, the caregivers organized some songs and games.  I was impressed to see how well Nasko sang along and did the dances.  The end of this video, there is a comical wardrobe error…

More dancing…

A tender moment between Nasko and Taty.

This is Nasko with the straw that I mentioned in the previous post. Isn’t that a pleasant sound?!

This is a toy that plays music.  Nasko enjoyed holding it to his ear and hiding with it in the corner of the room.  He stole it from another little girl though.  It was given to her from her potential adoptive parents.  She was not happy that Nasko had taken it away from her.  You could tell she loved it dearly and associated it with her new mommy and daddy.  The caregivers continually remind her that it is from her parents.  I hope they will do the same with the things we leave here with Nasko.  Again though… we aren’t going to talk about when we have to leave…

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