Today is my (much older) brother’s 30th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Brian Malcolm!

B and his then-girlfriend, now-wife, Heidi at Hog Days!

In honor of his birthday, I dug out some embarrassing old photos of him.  Enjoy! (By the way, sorry for the poor quality on most of these.  Considering some were originally slides though – they’re not too bad!)

My mom and dad with B.

On my grandpa's raft. (Gpa is the one with the cigar - B's in the orange lifevest!)

B and I all dressed up for Easter.

You all aren’t judging me because of these photos, right?

I didn’t think so!

With our cousin, Chris. This was taken right after my cousin Lauren was born. Don't worry, we'll get to her later...

The whole family in Florida.

See, I told you Lauren was going to make an appearance! That's our Grandma in the middle!

...and there we all are again!

Here’s one final photo of my big brother and I (and not to mention my first car!):


Thanks for playing along, friends! But most of all, happy birthday, Brian!

Love you!  Hope it was great!

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