– the warmer weather

– work (I’ve gotten a ton of new clients this week)

– cooking

– our Hungry Caterpillar baby nursery

– the blue N-A-P blanket I received for Christmas two years ago

– stocking up on formula when I get coupons

– sleep

– a little girl on my caseload (She just turned one. She has downs syndrome. She is super fat and adorable. I just want to squeeze her big, chunky thighs. I melt when she smiles at me. Every time. She likes to crawl up to me, lay her head in my lap and stare at my face.)

– knowing that God has specifically laid N. on our hearts

– knowing that we believe in a God who cares enough to create us, listen to us and communicate with us

– our fireplace

– the chocolate-covered strawberries that Sarah Miller made us

– the fact that tonight we realized we are both such neat freaks (Without knowing it, we were both only eating those chocolate-covered strawberries over the kitchen sink – so as not to make a mess!)

– music by Andrew Ripp

– the Today Show (It’s a sick addiction.)

– my calf muscles (I’ve been using a Wii workout program!)

– when Allen snuggles with me at nighttime

Chance (These are in no particular order, remember? Please don’t tell him that it took me this long to list him!)

– reading before bed

– reading in general

– having two weeks worth of groceries in the pantry

– hot tea

– water with lemon

– sleep (I know this made the list twice, but that is where I’m headed now…)

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